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WOW, I am finally online with my own website and everything! How cool is that?!?

I have been touting business on Instagram mainly but I felt like it was finally time to make my own website and see what the fuss is all about. I also need to finally make a promo for myself as well! I have done all these great promos but completely forgot about myself in the process really...I will take care of this within the next couple of weeks, I promise.

So I have mainly been shooting with Great Britain Top Team based in Morden, London and I must say; there are some absolute assassins in that gym!

From pro fighters like Nathaniel Wood all the way down to amateur fighters like Rob Earls. So much talent and they make it easy for me to shoot them as well. Getting in close and personal on some of the sparring sessions and being nice and relaxed on interviews (nothing worse than nervous interviewees right?).

I also have an apprentice by the name of Candice Caulfield! We have known each other for about 10 years now and she decided to join me on this weird adventure to film and document these crazy videos were making so we hope you enjoy watching them!

Until then, I will keep y'all updated on my Instagram for sure so make sure to follow this crazy journey and let's see where we end up in a few years time ✌🏻



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